“Rafal Rudawski – an extremely talented composer, arranger and instrumentalist, has been cooperating with the EUROZONE MUSIC Music Library since 2014. Rafał’s works, which the EUROZONE MUSIC catalog represents, appear periodically in cult Polish films, TV series and musical settings of television programs. Rafał Rudawski is a very versatile composer and he is fluent in styles as different as classic, jazz and film music.”

Krzysztof Barcik, Eurozonemusic, Poland

“Remarkable intuition and imagination make Rafal a very effective tool for creating and opening up space for the soul and commitment of the performers. Only in a known way it stimulates and brings out the power of communication …”

Jurek Kuzbik, Poland

“In a truly fascinating way Rafal is using his knowledge and perfect instinct. Mingling music genres in a harmonic way he is able to fuse deep, nostalgic analogue tones with harsh industrial sounds.
It seems as if every single note is precisely placed right where it belongs and yet, each and every time while listening to Rafal’s music I’m discoveriing new and unknown path on this acoustic journey.”

Marcin Orpik, Poland

“I had the pleasure of meeting Rudee in Kopenhagen 2001, when he was member of Premyski Chor Gospel and played the Piano there. I was really impressed by this big young talent. Later i invited the choir for our Gospelnight here in Lüneburg. We all immediately became good friends, so I started somehow a Gospel-exchange between Germany and Poland. Rudee an I became good friends ovber the years. We did a lot of workshops and festivals together, either here in-Germany or in Poland (especially Stargard and Przemysl). Rudee is an awesome musician, incredible keyboarder and a very good producer as well. During the years he also became a composer and arranger for his own choirs. It is always an asset having him or/and his choir here in Lüneburg at our festival or feature him on a music-production.
When we do workshops with american gospel-stars like f.e. Michael Green (Houston), we always share the „work“ and rotate: playing keys, conducting the choir, teaching parts…..
Rudee picks it all up very fast and is able to put his own spirit and feeling into the songs.
During the years and experiences we became really good friends !”

Eggo Fuhrmann, Germany

“Rafal’s original compositions are spiritual and timeless, his production skills unmatched! He is a masterful musician and clinician who delivers with powerful passion!”

Michael Green, USA