Industrium Industrialis | available now!

Industrium Industrialis – heavy industry, advanced technology, steel, high temperature, enormous size and weight, rich history, complex and advanced constructions – these are descriptions of a unique place that inspired me to create this album. One of the oldest and longest operating metallurgical complexes in the world: Dolni Vitkovice located in Ostrava, Czech Republic. A masterpiece of engineering and architecture, 162 years of rich history of the place and people, 90 million tons of processed pig iron and 42 million tons of coke. A place that died in 1998 when the stoves were shut down, the last workers left their workplaces and the gates were closed. Only the winds of the past remembered the history of this place. It would seem that this is the end, that the last chapter has been closed, but in 2014 the gates were reopened, there was a new beginning, the whole complex got a second life and was adapted to the needs of education, culture and art as Svet Techniky Ostrava and Gong multifunctional concert hall.

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