Rafał Rudawski is a composer of music, pianist and conductor based in Wroclaw, Poland. His compositions are widely exploited around the world in many films, tv series, media productions and music albums of different artists.

He was born on February 13, 1983 in Przemyśl, graduate of the State Primary and Secondary Music School Artur Malawski in Przemyśl, a graduate of the Academy of Music Karol Szymanowski in Katowice, lecturer at the Lower Silesian Academy of Sound Realization in Wroclaw.

He composes film music, illustrative music, music for theatrical performances, co-creator of the music of the series “Ojciec Mateusz”, “Rodzinka PL”, “Year in the garden”, “Uroczysko”, “There is no place like Poland”, “How it works”, many productions, films, trailers . He has been co-creating the Polish gospel music scene for 22 years, a long-term instructor and jury member at such festivals as “Copenhagen Gospel Festival”, “Osiek Gospel Festival”, “Luneburg Gospel Night”.

Rafal collaborated with leading Polish artists, gospel choirs, and with many global gospel choirs, including Ewa Uryga, Marek Bałata, Mietek Szcześniak, Natalia Niemen, Natalia Kukulska, Christian Charles dePlicque (USA), Michael Green (USA), Eggo Fuhrmann (DE), David Daniel (UK), Karen Gibson (UK),Peter Steinvig (DK), Peter Francis (UK ), Karen Burke (CAN), Toronto Mass Choir (CAN). In 2007, as a pianist, he participated in the recording of the first Polish concert DVD with gospel music of the GospelJoy choir.

Founder and conductor of the Wroclaw Gospel Choir, from which he has been active for 11 years. Composer and producer of the first album of the Wroclaw Gospel Choir.

Winner of the first place and main prizes at the electronic music festival CEMF 2011. On a daily basis, he works in his studio in Lower Silesia, where various sounds are created. He is a creator and programmer of custom sample libraries.