Rafal Rudawski live in Stargard – an electronic music concert (cam quality: sound and video)

„Creation” is my first, classic electronic music album, recorded in my studio, consist of 11 compositions. I was inspired by process of the Creation which is described in the Bible. I started working on it many years ago, I finished it this year (it was long for many reasons). You can buy my full studio album soon here: Unfortunately during filming the concert, sound has been recorded from the camera. But anyway, You can see how my electronic music concerts looks like:)


Slot Art Orchestra, 5-9th of July 2016

„It was a pleasure for me to be an art director and conductor of SLOT ART ORCHESTRA 2016”

Good people, great young musicians, creative time, meetings.During live concert we played compositions from my „Cinematic Action and Drama” album!
Few videos from rehearsals and concert (cam quality).