Screen Shot

 Rafal Rudawski  – was born on February 13, 1983 in Przemysl, Poland. A graduate of the Department of Jazz and Entertainment Music Academy of Music in Katowice. The artist composes music for films, movies, cartoons, computer games, electronic music, multimedia. Founder and conductor of the Wroclaw Gospel Choir, gospel music instructor during workshops at festivals in Poland, Germany, Denmark. Winner of the first prize at an international festival of electronic music, The Day of Electronic Music in Cekcyn in 2011.His music is succesfully exploited  in Polish national television, many international broadcasting stations. Movies and programs: „Ojciec Mateusz”, „Rodzinka PL”, „Jak szaleć to szaleć”, “Jak to działa”, „Nie ma jak Polska”, „Rok w ogrodzie”, „Uroczysko”, many more.

He has collaborated with many respected artists of the country and the world: Michael Green (Houston Mass Choir, USA), Eggo Fuhrmann (DE), Ken Norris (DE), David Daniel (UK), Ruth Waldron (UK), Karen Gibson (UK), Peter Francis (UK), Karen Burke (CAN), Bruce David Stevens (USA), Peter Steinvig (DK), Emmanuel Waldron (UK), Solomon Facey (USA), Wayne Ellington (UK), Carma Reese (USA), Christian Charles de Plicque (FIN), Norris Garner (USA), Brian Fentress (USA), Gregory Hines (USA), Paul Watson (UK), Natalia Kukulska (PL), Natalia Niemen (PL), Gabriela Gasior (PL), Mietek Szczesniak (PL), Ewa Uryga (PL), Marek Balata (PL), Beata Bednarz (PL). Collaboration with gospel choirs: Wroclaw Gospel Choir (founder, composer and conductor), Przemysl Gospel Choir, Toronto Mass Choir (Canada), Konin Gospel Choir (PL), Gospel Choir Krakow (PL), GospelJoy (PL), Luneburg Gospel Choir (DE), Be Ready (DE), Kefas Gospel Choir (DK), Claret Gospel (Ivory Coast), Cantore Gospel (PL), and many more.